I can’t get to sleep

I gazed through a gap in my curtains, at the silhouettes and twinkling streetlamps.

It was too late to be awake after the weekend I’d had.

My prominant fatigue was a grim reminder for me to go to sleep, yet it kept my brain buzzing with a desperate urge.

I sat upright in bed, writing in a small black notebook as an attempt to relax.

Oh how fustrating it was that my most tired hours were early evening at best.


-Flo ^-^


My youtube channel

Yes, I have a youtube channel (with only 1 video lol).

Before I get into that, sorry for not posting in a while, I was on holiday (which I’m currently making a video about funnily enough).

So basically I made a youtube channel! Well I already had one, which I posted on a couple of times last year, but the videos were all terrible so I deleted them XD. Well since getting a better camera I was excited to start filming again.

Making videos is something I really enjoy. Just putting together small clips and creating something with a certain aesthetic is very satisfying to me. I made a channel to share this and also have somewhere where my videos can be all in 1 place, without taking up storage on my phone.

Well here is my first video, and expect another one very soon.

Thanks for reading.

-Flo ^-^