Hello, my name is Flo and I decided to start a blog. I’ve been blogging for a while, well keeping a blog up for a few months then deleting it. It started when I was in year 5 at the age of 9, after my teacher introduced the class to blogging and the 100 Word Challenge. I loved every minute of it, having always enjoyed creative writing, and so decided to start a blog. It’s been so long I can’t remember what I posted, but I think the fact that I named it ‘Bubble Cool Epic Me’ says it a lot. Anyway, then I made about 5 more blogs, neglected them and stopped blogging for a while. The next blog that I remember creating was made 2 years ago. It was my attempt of trying to be like a *tumblr* blogging beauty guru (the 2015 ones) with various posts on diys, life hacks ect. The last few posts were pathetic attempts at trying to keep the blog somewhat active, and you can really tell. Honestly, the whole ‘beauty guru’ thing just wasn’t me so I found myself running out of ideas really quickly and posting something completely random, like ’26 annoying things my cat does’. I even ended up making a post about how I was going to start blogging again and make it more me, then only uploaded one more post which was my last. This blog is still up, despite the cringe, because of  the nostalgia. https://florenceelizabeauty.wordpress.com/ Anyway, I thought it was time to try blogging again, as I am always looking for creative outlets and I really enjoy writing. Hopefully my habitual procrastination won’t get the best of me, and this blog will be active for a while. I will post my creative writing, art and other random shit on here, I hope you enjoy.

-Flo ^_^


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